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You don’t have to deal with creditors everyday. We’ve got you covered!

American Express Settlements (AES) deals directly with your bank’s creditors, giving you back your peace-of-mind and freedom needed to get your business right on track.

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why choose AES?

AES is the only attorney based corporate debt management firm. This Means not only are we going to deal with your creditors, negotiating a settlement that works for you and your budget, but in the event that a creditor threatens a lawsuit, or files one, we can address the legal proceedings for you, helping you buy additional time to save the money necessary to settle the debt.

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Debt Settlement

The Process

Debt settlement companies liaise with creditors on a debtor’s behalf to renegotiate repayment terms, time scales and amounts, in return for a fee. Once the settlement company gets involved the debtor usually pays an agreed amount into a savings account on a regular basis instead of directly to creditors while the company negotiates a write-off or repayment plan. The entire process can be broken down into the following steps:


Client contacts a debt settlement company, budget and terms of payment are discussed and agreed upon.


Client deposits an agreed amount to a dedicated savings account on a regular basis.


Settlement company negotiates repayment terms & conditions on client’s behalf...Debts are paid off..Client is debt-free!

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Thomas is in the roofing business and found...

Thomas is in the roofing business found himself to be in a challenging financial position. Learn how American Express Settlements helped him return to full financial health.

Read What Our Clients Say

Amber, 37
Medical Sales, CT

All I wanted was to return to normality. The phone rang all the time and I was just sick of making excuses. In fact, I had no more excuses. I had run out.

When my beauty business failed I was left with a degree of debt. I was sure I would be successful in my new work as a salesperson but also that it would take time. It took more than I bargained for and I ran deeper into debt. The worst thing was I couldn’t focus on my work properly. I was fielding calls on my work cell and I was so stressed, I could hardly sleep at night.

AES stepped in straight away and took control. Their professionalism was apparent to me straight away. I was confident that they would help me and they did. They worked with the card company to reorganise my payments really quickly and it looks like I’ll be debt free next spring. The best part was that I could get back to focusing on work right away. That really was priceless for me.

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