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American Express Settlements is an established debt settlement agency which deals with American Express and other creditors to restructure debt repayment terms, time scales and amounts for individuals and companies, enabling them to resume their business dealings debt free.

Our Mission

Freedom From Debt

Our Mission Our mission is to work solely on the debtor’s behalf to end entrepreneurial poverty, abolish existing debt and give clients the freedom to get back to doing business without the financial burden and worry that comes with being in debt.

Founder’s Message

A Quick Word From Ralph

Hi there, I’m Ralph Tommaso and I am a strong advocate of entrepreneurs and their immense contribution to our lives & economy. I became aware of the limitations many entrepreneurs face when they find themselves in debt, often circumstantial. My passion lies in helping such people out of debt so that they resume their valuable work and make our economy stronger than before, while getting back to a more stable and meaningful life once again.

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