Is Your Business Sinking Due To Costly Debt Repayments?

American Express Settlements helps  reduce your total repayment figure, safeguard your assets, save you damaging judgements  and get you back

to doing business peacefully and profitably as before.

We negotiate directly with Amex Creditors and their attorneys

American Express Settlements negotiates the restructuring of your existing payment plans into more managing your business immediately while we deal with you creditors.

We buy you more time

We deal directly with creditors and their attorneys to negotiate extended payment periods meaning that you spend less time worrying.

Allow you to focus on your business

Because we deal with everything relating to the repayment of the debt on your behalf (including attorneys and collection calls), you are immediately free to invest your valuable time in your business once again.

Save you money

We can help cut your debt by up to 40% (30% average), potentially saving you or your company many thousands of dollars.

Join Our Live Webinar

Because we want you to be fully informed at all stages of the debt resettlement process, which is why we invite you to our free Webinar where we will take you through the whole range of options available in settling your business debt with American Express creditors.

Play Video

Listen to Thomas’s story

Thomas R in the roofing business found himself to be in a challenging financial position. Learn how American Express Settlements helped him return to full financial health.

Wise up!

Download the American Express Playbook and learn the rules they do business by and how to outsmart them!
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