What happens during debt settlements ?

Debt settlement companies work on your behalf in renegotiating repayment terms, time scales and debt amounts. They attempt to reach agreement on a revised figure with more manageable payment structures based on your specific financial situation.

Debt Settlement Benefits

Buys you
more time
We deal directly with creditors and their attorneys to negotiate extended payment periods meaning that you spend less time worrying.
Allows you to focus
on your business
Letting us deal with everything from debt repayment (on your behalf) to attorneys and collection calls, allows you to invest your valuable time in your business once again.
Saves you and your
business money
We can help cut your debt by up to 40% (30% average), potentially saving you or your company many thousands of dollars.
How Does Debt Settlement Happen?

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Frequently Answered Questions

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Am I able to choose which accounts are included in the debt settlement?
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Is American Express Settlements associated with American Express?

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